BBIN - Motor Vehicle Agreement : A Brief
India comes with an attempted answer to Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) project. Implementation of such landmark project could help us to generate employment and economic growth. Read more
Nepal signs OBOR
Nepal aims to be a gateway to South Asia by signing OBOR. However, proactive approach is needed to reap the benefits of OBOR connectivity. Read more
CBS projects GDP to grow by 6.9% in FY2017
A large base effect together with favourable exogenous factors (good monsoon rains and remittances-backed demand of imported as well as domestically produced goods, whose supplies gradually normalized) and to some extent the government’s efforts led to this impressive growth rate. An important challenge would be to sustain this rate. It is easy to move from almost nil growth to over 6% growth; but it is difficult to sustain the growth at this level. It requires a rapid and meaningful structural transformation. Read more
TIA Is Too Congested
TIA is facing severe space crunch as the demand for parking space (due to the increasing number of domestic as well as international airlines) has far outstripped supply. There is a project to upgrade/expand runway, terminal spaces and other infrastructure at the TIA so that it can handle more passengers. Read more
FDI in Nepal: KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid)
A couple of months ago, Nepal held a huge investment summit that made headlines for its unprecedented investment commitments. China alone made commitments above USD 8 billion with total commitments going past USD 13 billion. Read more
Recent Macroeconomic Developments, Outlooks and Risks – Highlights from IMF Country Report 2017
In order to graduate from the status of Least Development Country (LDC) by FY 2022, the Government of Nepal (GoN) has targeted to achieve annual GDP growth of above 6.5%. However, the intended GDP growth can only be attained if the monetary and fiscal policies and reforms are implemented accordingly. Moreover balanced coordination of fiscal and monetary policy is required to stabilize the economy. Read more