neftalk is a discussion series which aims at addressing the gap on pertinent economic development issues.

November 25, 2015

With the ongoing agitations and unrest in the Terai-Madhes region having passed the 100-day mark and with border points obstructed since the promulgation of the long-awaited constitution, Nepal has been headed towards an economic and humanitarian crisis. With import supplies of essential goods like food items, medicines, petroleum products disrupted, day to day livelihood has become a struggle and macroeconomic indicators point towards a grave future ahead for Nepal. The current economic crisis has laid bare the manifold vulnerabilities of the Nepali economy and has rekindled the discourse on food and energy security, trade diversification, and greater self-reliance. 

July 14, 2015

The release of the Constituent Assembly’s first constitution draft has highlighted some fundamental issues including anti-liberalization tendencies and exclusion of the economy, among others, which are essential ingredients for development. The draft constitution appears to be regressive rather than progressive considering its divergence from the liberalization reforms initiated in the 1990’s. Keeping in mind the strides towards development, it becomes imperative for the country to have a clear economic vision, something which the current draft sorely lacks. Some of the key issues in the draft, which could pose as bottlenecks towards growth and development, are discussed below.

June 10, 2015

Following the overwhelming response by the civil society in providing support for relief and reconstruction after the 25th April earthquake, a number of questions regarding the capacity, role and engagement of civil society in disaster preparedness were raised. Nepal Economic Forum and Niti Foundation jointly organized an event “Nepal Earthquake and the Space for Citizen Engagement in Disaster Management” to discuss relevant policy discourses, accommodating ground level representation in policy processes and identifying prospective policy reforms concerning disaster preparedness and management. 18 volunteer groups and organizations functioning in diverse areas were brought together to reflect on their experiences in relief work and the challenges they faced.

March 13, 2015

The Nepali economy in current times has been facing a growing complexity of issues emerging in and intertwining between different sectors, be it education, health, infrastructure, politics and so on. Taking these issues into consideration, it is imperative to formulate relevant public policies that critically address the changing needs of the population, as well as various institutions, to ensure growth backed by development. The growth and development trajectory in Nepal, particularly in relation to policy formulation and implementation however remains largely stagnant due to a deteriorating political image as compared to other developing counterparts. 

December 01, 2014

Notice for Annual General Meeting of Nepal Economic Forum to be held on 24th December 2014.