There is a glaring gap in terms of the availability of easy to read, and thought provoking series of papers that focus on the various facets of the Nepali economy. nefsearch, a periodic research publication aims to enrich the discourse in the realm of economic growth and development within the current state structure. Delivered through rigorous research and discussions with interested parties, nefsearch aims to provide a better understanding of issues, readable analysis and recommendations that will help share future policies.

The Nepali Budget: Understanding Trends and Implications
December 2015 - Issue 8
The Public Policy Discourse in Nepal
January 2015 - Issue 7
Financial Frauds and Mitigating Risks
July 2013 - Issue 6
Foreign Direct Investment in Nepal
January 2013 - Issue 5
Social Entrepreneurship in Nepal
September 2012 - Issue 4
Insolvency in Nepali Context
September 2012 - Issue 3
Where are the Banks Heading?
January 2012 - Issue 2
Unleashing Nepal's Hydropower Potential
December 2011 - Issue 1